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A program – TMG_tagger – was developed during the preliminary phase to reduce the amount of time needed to tag the sources and to help researchers without any computer skills to produce TEI files that correspond to their needs with maximum ergonomics and in a limited amount of time. This program was written in JAVA 8 and allows the semi-automatic tagging of files using research and normalisation algorithms and dictionaries that list persons, works, places and musical terms (10,000 entries as of May 2016).

As of now, TMG_tagger focuses on the files' microstructure (words, punctuation marks, page breaks, line breaks). Its functionalities will be progressively extended to allow the assisted creation of TEI headers and the tagging of hierarchical structures above sentence-level.

A beta version of the program is available on demand in the form of a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licence.

TMG_tagger – main window.

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