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Spangenberg (1538), colophon.

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Authorsort descending Short title Place Publisher Year Bibliographical note Database
Anonymus Exerpta musice Köln Landen 1496 Link to note TMG
Chytraeus, David Regulae studiorum Leipzig Grosse, Henning 1595 Link to note
Cochlaeus, Johannes In cantus choralis exercitium s. l. s. ed. Link to note TMG
Cochlaeus, Johannes Musica Köln Landen 1507 Link to note TMG
Herbst, Johann Andreas Musica poëtica Nürnberg Dümler 1643 Link to note TMG
Praetorius, Michael Syntagma musicum III Wolfenbüttel Holwein 1619 Link to note TMG
Virdung, Sebastian Musica getutscht und auszgezogen Basel Furter 1511 Link to note TMG
Wollick, Nicolaus Enchiridio[n] musices Paris Petit & Regnault 1509 Link to note TMG

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