Praetorius (1574), A1r.

The TMG database is based on the XTF infrastructure developed by the Californian Digital Library. This tool was adapted to meet the scientific requirements of the project and to provide optimum ergonomic comfort both for reading and research.

A limited number of German and Latin editions spanning from 1496 to 1619 are available online: Anonymus, Exerpta musice (c. 1496); Cochlaeus, Musica (1507); Virdung, Musica getutscht (1511); Praetorius, Syntagma Musicum, vol. III (1619). These editions give a glimpse of the research possibilities brought by the project and the choice of a modular approach combining a main corpus and a core corpus of specific sources thoroughly investigated.

The editing and encoding methodology is documented in a frame of reference. It provides the guidelines which have been decided upon to encode and edit the sources and documents the cases encountered with examples.



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